"I first used your
Shower Gel and Body Lotion about six months ago. from that day,
I was hooked."

Donna D Spencer Nashville TN

"I really love your products and I'm very eager lo buy them"
Heinz Bucher from Switzerland

"My brother brought home the calmeal face scrub for me from Thailand and I love it"

Raynee from Us

"I have received 2 Thann products as a gift: and I have found them fantastic. I have friends going to Thailand soon. and I could ask them to buy them for me there."
Cynthia Athan,Switzerland

"I live in British Columbia,
Canada and was given THANN soap as Christmas present from my sister who lives in Stuttgart, Germany.
It is truly the best soap I have ever used. Love your products!"

Meredith Withers

"Dear Sir.I am a fan of your products. in particular
the aromatic salt scrub. I also like your massage oil, I would like to try your other products as well, My friends like the salt scrub tool
Thanks! Cheers! Judy Cheung"

"Hello! We have bought
THANN Corn Cab Body Scrub on Maidives Island Royal Island + Spa.Baa-Atoll and we find it very good."
Kari-Heinz Verthey,Germany

"I bought some
Thann products and found that they are very good for my skin and my skin condition is much improved."
Nicole Li - Hong Kong

"Hi,I discovered your product line in Ft.Louderdate,Florida here in the United States.
I loved your products and their packaging and now I am personally a BIG fon!"

Meredith Bearov,Virginia

"We bought some
THANN products during my vacations in Thailand in a dept store and found them indeed very healthful and good quality."
Cario Dominicl - Rome
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