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THANN Sanctuary, an oasis of peace and tranquility, offers a wide range of spa treatments based on THANN’s art of natural therapy - the art of keeping a balance of body and mind through the five senses.

From the moment you step into THANN Sanctuary, all senses will be awakened by our unique spa concept through a contemporary design and a wide range of treatments to re-discovering inner physical and mental wellness. All therapists are certified with extensive knowledge on anatomy, aromatherapy and massage techniques. THANN Sanctuary stands out from the rest with THANN’s own products, which uses precious plant essential oils to help restore a healthy balance and maintain well-being.




THANN Sanctuary Signature Massage 90 min.

A deep tissue treatment, incorporating firm palm, thumb and forearm pressure to relieve and heal muscular aches and pains. Employing a unique blend of Thai and other Asian healing techniques combined with an ingenious blend of aromatic essential oils to treat the individual needs of your body and skin. This perfect rejuvenating massage treatment helps to induce relaxation and ease away tension.

Nano Shiso Therapy 130 min.

A definitive treatment for “Top to Toe” pampering a desire for those seeking healthier complexion and release tension. Nano shiso extract is added to THANN signature massage oil to enhance anti-oxidant efficacy and revive skin condition. To optimise facial treatment’s affects, a choice of purifying moringa seed or revitalising inca omega seed or skin toning mushroom extract will be incorporated to suit different skin types, normal or dry/sensitive or oily skin. Treatment includes 60 minutes body massage of your choice, aromatherapy or swedish massage, followed by 70 minutes revitalising facial for a delicate balance refreshment of body and mind.

Healing Stone Body Massage 100 min.

This unique treatment begins with placing healing crystals on seven chakras from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Chakras are energy centres which correlate with the glands of the endocrine system. Hot stones are then used in this medium to firm pressure massage to help release tension and sooth aching muscle. Black onyx absorbs negative energy and toxins from the physical body while the white howlite calms the mental state leading to deep relaxation.

Total Revitalizing Facial 70 min.

This treatment effectively repair the skin begins with a gentle wash with our Facial cleanser followed by a relaxing lymphatic massage to aid in detoxification. Oatmeal face scrub removes dry skin and prepares the skin for the revitalising face mask. Facial serum is a final treatment to promote collagen and improve elasticity and boosting skin vitality, while rice extract moisturising cream will help to retain moisture.